Wednesday, 2 September 2015

5 Facebook Changes All Social Media Agencies Need To Know

Facebook recently announced several new features coming to the platform that will make any social media company or small business very excited. These features will make it easier for small businesses to use Facebook to communicate with other businesses, organizations, and people. The features were announced and debuted during the company’s developer conference “F8″. From using apps to sending messages to commenting integration, these new features will revolutionize the ever-evolving platform and put an emphasis on communication. This guide covers 5 new features coming to Facebook and explains their possible benefits for business. 

Comment Integration Will Boost Client Visibility For Social Media Agencies 

Companies, organizations, and agencies will benefit most from Facebook’s upcoming comment integration. When users want to comment on articles or media on a site like The Huffington Post, their comments will show up under the story’s post in Facebook. This new feature makes it much easier for people to engage with content, boosting visibility for anyone who uses Facebook to gain brand recognition. 

Business Sales and Communication Tracking With Messenger

E-commerce websites will soon get to enjoy an integrated standalone messaging app. Whenever a buyer makes a purchase online, this new feature will allow the buyer to connect to his or her Facebook account so the company can send notifications directly through the app. Customers who don’t like getting emails confirming an order or sending shipping updates might enjoy this new feature. This new feature can be used by organizations, companies, and businesses to provide better customer service.

New Apps Will Allow Unique Messages 

In the past, you would have to have the messaging app opened or pulled up in your browser to send a message on Facebook. Now Facebook’s newest features make it possible to send messages from some third-party apps. One app that is integrating with Facebook is Giphy, an animated GIF creator. To send a Giphy GIF via Facebook before, you would have to close the messenger app, open Giphy, create your GIF, copy the GIF, reopen the messaging app, and paste it in. The third-party app integration makes sharing far more convenient for everyone. Opening Facebook’s messaging service to third-party developers also creates a unique opportunity for brands to suggest downloading their integrations directly from the messenger.

Video Embedding 

In previous years, if you were to upload a video to Facebook, the only way to share the video was to link to it. Facebook is releasing a new feature that makes it possible to embed videos without linking to them, making it more attractive to use Facebook as a video hosting service instead of YouTube. Everyone from individual Facebook users to companies and organizations will benefit from this feature.

Analytics Apps

Facebook is also releasing a new analytics dashboard. This dashboard makes it possible for Facebook app developers to get a glimpse into who is interacting with their apps and where they are located. This information will be key to app development. Getting information on an app user will help developers figure out who their target audiences are and makes it easier for developers to make changes that the app user will enjoy. The dashboard displays information such as average session duration, purchases, ages, genders, active users, and more.

Staying apprised of all the latest changes to Facebook is crucial when it comes to competing for brand recognition on social media.

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